Friday, October 17, 2008


For my entire life I have been a die hard Phillies Phan. I was happy on Wednesday evening when the Phillies disposed of the Dodgers and advanced to the Fall Classic. For the first time as an adult I am going to get to enjoy this experience. The one thing that could make it better would be the Rays beating the Red Sox so I would be able to attend a World Series game close to home.

This scenario was about to become a reality until I heard "You must be excited to be able to go to a game of the World Series and see your Phillies" The time was just after 1030pm and the score was 7-0 Rays with the Rays holding a 3 games to 1 advantage. 7 outs was all Tampa had to get to advance to the World Series, JUST 7 OUTS. I felt the tingling sensation when something bad is about to happen and immediatley said "I am jinxed". I knew at that moment the World Series was going to be the Red Sox vs. Phillies. As the game wore on it was 7-4, then 7-6 courtesy of one of the most hated men in Philadelphia, JD Drew. If I had any doubt at all that I was not jinxed JD Drews HR over the Right Field wall eliminated that. At that point I just turned the TV off and spooned my Boo on my way to sleep knowing I would wake up to a Red Sox win.

So my prediction is to have the Red Sox beat the Rays the follwoing two games and move on to the World Series to face my Phillies. I will never complain about my Phillies being in the series because this only happens every 20 years but it would have been so sweet to go into Tropicana Field and watch my Phillies play the World Series in the visitors ballpark.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

12 year old Jason Lord- The boy the Sentinel refuses to identify

How many times have you read the Sentinel and they fail to provide a criminals name, description, photo or some other key fact because they don't want to upset anyone? It is a bad trend by a newspaper that is becoming more of a tabloid news agency as time goes on. 12 year old Jason Lord is another example of the Sentinel not providing this information.

It is not like this kid stole a pack of bubble gum or keyed someones car. He committed a felony. This is also the second time since October 9th that the young man has assaulted someone at school. The Sentinel has an obligation to report the news and not censor what they deem is appropriate.

Fortunatley for this blog it was designed to be uncensored. On that note I present to you 12 year old Jason Lord with a link to the arrest report.

Friday, September 26, 2008

3 to go

3 games. That is all that is left in the 2008 MLB regular season. As the day goes on I find myself getting more and more anxious over these last three games. I can't even think about work anymore today. The weekend will end one of three ways.

#1 - The best option
The Phillies find a way to clinch a playoff spot by Saturday afternoon and prevent the panic, stress, and cardiac arrests of Phillies Phaithful everywhere.

#2 - The worst case scenario
The Phillies get swept this weekend while the Brewers and Mets sweep their respective series and miss the playoffs entirely. This could be bad not only for Phillies Phans but also for myself and my personal life. This outcome will be devastating. My great girlfriend has never experienced me after a "Philly Special". A "Philly Special" is one of those occasions where either the Eagles, Sixers, or Phillies do everything possible to crush any hopes and dreams of having a winning team. It has happened many times before with these Phillies most notably 1993, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. I am getting those feelings that it is about to happen again. i hope I am wrong.

#3- I'll take it option
Even though this option will prolong my stress and anxiety it is not a bad option should scenario #1 fail. The Phillies could end up tied with Milwaukee and the Mets for the final two playoff spots. Should this occur the Phillies will host the Mets Monday afternoon for the division with the loser hosting the Brewers on Tuesday for the right to the Wild Card spot.

Our prized trade deadline pickup Joe Blanton goes tonight. I am one of the minority who like the Phillies making this trade. This is the type of game we acquired a starter for. Anything less than a solid6-7 inning start tonight for Blanton will be a dissapointment in my mind. Go Joe!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More on the Protestors

Brooke Bounds appears as she will be facing some charges in relation with the incident at the Anthony's home. Here are some photos of Brooke.

This should profile fairly well the Bounds family.

If anyone would like to share something different please leave a comment.



The Bounds Family/Protestors on Hopespring

I have been meaning to blog for a while but wanted something good to write about. If you have been watching the Casey Anthony case you for sure have seen the protestors. It is quite comical. The other evening the Bounds family showed up at the home. Chaos insued.

Rather than debate the whole Casey/Caylee issue I thought I would show some of the protestors off.

Here is how Papa Bounds sets an example for his kids. Throwing up in a trash can because he is drunk on vodka.


Next are the picture of Miriah Bounds/Aviles and her husband and friend as well as Brooke. Nice wedding photo.


And of course how about one last one of Mama and Papa Bounds.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tropical Trouble

92L to Florida?

Could be the future Fay


Models want to track the storm close to the Florida East Coast.


While it may not be a hurricane some type of system appears headed in the general direction of the Florida East Coast. It should be an interesting next few days.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Terrorist Shawn Roderick

Here is the name and the picture of the American Terrorist that the Sentinel refused to print. They claim his age is the reason they will not disclose his name and that is the Sentinels policy. This is my blog and I have no policy. I freely and willingly post the little thugs name, picture, and link to the arrest report. Judge for yourself.